‘t Amsterdammertje Welcomes Art by Michel van den Born, Bridging Culinary and Artistic Creations

Loenen aan de Vecht, 7 February 2024 – Andre Gerrits has not only revamped the interior of his Michelin-starred restaurant ‘t Amsterdammertje but has also made a unique addition to the art collection, featuring works by the talented Michel van den Born. In this harmonious fusion, the worlds of culinary refinement and artistic experience come together.

The renewed ambiance promises guests an experience where attention to detail and refinement go hand in hand, making ‘t Amsterdammertje not only a gastronomic delight but also an artistic oasis for the senses.
“Trust” invites an inner journey, with a special connection to the roots of Geneviève, the wife of chef André Gerrits, hailing from the Antilles. The artwork, inspired by graceful flamingos, symbolizes embracing emotions, finding balance, and trusting in the new life. The deeper symbol of an egg with protective wings represents faith in a radiant future, also echoing the iconic dish of ‘t Amsterdammertje, “het eitje” (the little egg).
“Daphne” narrates the Greek mythological story of the nymph in a contemporary way. The golden torso and pink angel wings symbolize the interplay between beauty and nature.
Chef André Gerrits, “These artworks add a new dimension to ‘t Amsterdammertje, where taste and imagination come together, but also create a beautiful connection between culinary and artistic creations.”

For more information, press inquiries, or interview requests, please contact:

Yvonne Claassens – van Beers

Management Michel van den Born

+31 (0)6-20157678


Nijverheidsweg 16
3762 ER Soest
The Netherlands
Open by appointment only.


About ‘t Amsterdammertje

‘t Amsterdammertje, located in Loenen aan de Vecht, is an award-winning restaurant with a Michelin star, led by chef André Gerrits and his wife Geneviève. The restaurant offers a unique culinary experience with a focus on immersion, refinement, and creativity.

Michel van den Born

Michel van den Born, an artist whose creations not only showcase technical skill but also deep emotions and powerful symbolism. As a master in blending diverse techniques, he captivates the audience, inviting introspection.
Michel’s artworks, characterized by the use of pure precious metals and expressive, powerful forms, bring complex themes such as identity and human relationships to life behind the mysterious personality of the artist. Michel’s art goes beyond visual beauty; it opens a window to the deeper human experience.
Michel strives for perfection in every aspect of his art, reflecting his dedication to creating stunning and meticulously crafted artworks.


Michel van den Born is supported by ONA Art, a platform that guides talented artists in both business and creative aspects. ONA Art assists artists in building their portfolios and connects them with a broad network within the events and entertainment industry.
ONA Art believes in intensive collaboration with artists, creating unique objects and magical experiences together. ONA Art is part of ONA Group, a powerful collective within the events and entertainment industry.