Michel van den Born; a Dutch artist with an affection for visual arts. Already from an early age he discovered his passion for sculpting and his talent to create and craft unique pieces by hand.

Like any great artist, Michel has a unique vision. His inspiration is a combination of mythology and history, where strength & power predominated. Michel’s work is recognized as a little controversial, iconic and daring with an element of gold or another precious metal.

To perfect his skills, Michel decided to become a goldsmith which laid a strong foundation for his career as an artist. Skilled in Amsterdam, Michel’s work quickly became known. He has exhibited at The Masters of Luxury, sculptured the well-known JFK Award, and exported much of his work to Dubai.

His methodology is impeccable, each work of his art is meticulous. Michel’s work is recognizable by its refined technique, special inspiration and very refined finish.

Michel van den Born is a natural artist with a passion for visual art and a pronounced talent under the label ONA Art.

ONA Art provides management for talented (visual) artists. We offer personal guidance in terms of business and creative choices, working together to build their portfolio and provide artists with a platform.

We leverage our extensive network both domestically and internationally to connect our talents with a wide audience, believing in the success of intensive collaboration. Together with our artists, we create exceptional objects… magical.

ONA Art is part of ONA Group: a powerful collective of driven thinkers, doers, and specialized labels within the events and entertainment industry.